Guided Tours around the Wall

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Around the Wall

On this tour you will see a large part of Segovia's City Wall, one of the few which remain intact in Spain.

The tour begins at the Puerta de San Andrés (San Andrés Gate) and continues to the Museo de Segovia [Museum of Segovia], the Alcázar [Fortress], the Jardín de los Poetas [Poets' Garden], the Puerta de San Cebrián [San Cebrián Gate], and the Jardín de Delibes [Delibes Garden], until reaching the Postigo del Consuelo [Consolation Wicket Gate] where one of the finest panoramic views of the Aqueduct can be enjoyed.

The Jewish Quarter

Roam the streets of the Jewish Neighbourhood, evoking the cultural legacy of the Jewish people. The tour includes the Sinagoga Vieja [Old Main Synagogue], the Centro Didáctico de la Judería [Jewish Quarter Visitor Centre], the Puerta de San Andrés [San Andrés Gate] and the Espacio Informativo de la Muralla [City Wall Visitor Centre].