Gastronomy in Segovia

Segovia, a World Heritage City, has always made the most of the riches offered by the surrounding countryside in its exquisite cuisine, which has become a bastion of Segovia's tourist industry.

Without undermining the creations of nouvelle cuisine, which also have their place in Segovia, the main dishes of the local tradition continue to be oven-roasted meats, although Castilian garlic soup, La Granja bean stew, trout from ValsaĆ­n and a variety of game stews are also worth mentioning.

Desserts include the excellent ponche segoviano (a cinnamon cake soaked in sweet liqueur), and other homemade treat such as florones (a typical pastry), rice pudding, fijuelas (a sweet crispy pastry)...

There are a number of wines to choose from such as whites from Nieva or Valtiendas reds.


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