Surrounding the Jewish Quarter

Other remains of the significant Jewish Quarter, which, according to records housed two "madrasas" or Rabbinic schools, are La Casa del Sol [The House of the Sun] -a former Jewish buthcer's shop and the present-day Museo de Segovia [Museum of Segovia]- and the Puerta de San Andrés [San Andrés Gate], otherwise known as the Arco del Socorro [Aid Arch], which was a gate in the City Wall which, in 15th century, was used to enclose the Jewish Quarter. Nowadays, it houses a visitor centre for the City Wall. Along the route which runs from the former Main Synagogue to the San Andrés Gate, El Centro Didáctico de la Judería [Jewish Quarter Visitor Centre] can be found and it must be visited in order to gain a more in-depth knowledge of the Hebrew district of Segovia. This centre, which was opened to the public in 2004, and was restructured in 2009 with the latest technology, is partly located in the former abode of Abraham Seneor (the most important Jewish personage in the court of the Catholic Monarchs in the entire Kingdom of Castile) –also known as Casa de Andrés Laguna [Andrés Laguna House]-. He was a descendent of Jewish converts and personal doctor to Carlos I and Felipe II. Throughout the year a broad range of activities are held here, both inside and in the courtyard, organised by the Municipal Tourist Board.